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BASWG Spring Community Cleanup

It’s spring again, and we’re all thinking of ways to get out of the house! It’s been a long few months, and with the snow off the ground, spending time outdoors has never sounded better. 

If you’re familiar with BASWG as an organization, you’ll know that each year we host a series of community cleanup events in each of our communities where we encourage people to get outside and work together to clean up local streams, streets, and more. While we can’t host our regular events just yet, we’re excited to bring back the spirit of community cooperation with a virtual event this May! To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a rain barrel from SWCD, plus a number of other prizes. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. To enter, take a picture of you cleaning up public spaces in the Bangor region and tag us on Facebook or Twitter
  2. We will message each participant and send them a BASWG community cleanup shirt and a sticker as a thank you for doing their part! 
  3. A random local contributor will be selected to win the grand prize and be featured on our social media pages. 
  4. We will announce the winner on our social media pages and tag the winner. Once we decide the winner, we’ll get in touch to coordinate the rain barrel delivery. 

We’re excited to get started and see everyone out and about, making a difference. Let the spring cleaning begin!


Where’s a good place to clean up? 

There’s no wrong place to start. Some of the best places to clean up tend to be along roadsides, where litter can accumulate without much cleanup. The next time you’re out on a walk, think about bringing a bag with you and clean up as you go. 

What do I do if I find something that is too large to clean up?

Head to your city’s website and get in touch with the Public Works department. 

What do I do if I find something too hazardous to clean up?

If you are in doubt, leave it alone. It is best to keep yourself safe during cleanup activities. 

Can I submit a photo even if I’m not here in Maine?

You’re welcome to submit photos and tag us, but you won’t be eligible for prizes if you don’t live locally. 

How do I claim my prize? 

After we decide the winner, we’ll get in touch via direct message to figure out the best way to get the rain barrel to you. 

What’s a rain barrel and what can I do with it? 

A rain barrel is a rainwater capture device that lets you store up water to release into your garden or lawn. They also help you reduce stormwater runoff from your property!

Who are you people, anyway? 

The Bangor Area Stormwater Group (or BASWG!) is a collaboration of regulated entities in the Greater Bangor Urbanized Area who work together on stormwater-related education and outreach. You can learn more about us here.